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Sigma Phi Zeta Chapter was chartered on November 2, 2002 as the result of eight graduate Sorors ​who resided in various Lake County, Illinois  communities. Their experience as Zetas brought together a wealth of information and resources from graduate and undergraduate Zeta experiences to assist in making this new chapter, one to be reckoned with.

Our eight charter members are as follows: Betty Peeples (President), Kimbrella Warfield(Vice

President), Elouise Jones (2nd Vice President) , Valencia Samuel (3rd Vice President), Linda Chamblee
(Historian), Donna Clark (Treasurer), Tricia Mills (Sgt At Arms) and Joyce Thomas-Williams (Phylacter).
We recognize and applaud these charter members for their vision and commitment to developing this chapter
into the powerhouse organization that it is today.

Over the last decade, Sigma Phi Zeta Chapter is proud to have accomplished the following milestones:

  • Chartered an undergraduate chapter at Northwestern University 

  • Chartered an adult auxiliary and three youth auxiliaries for girls ages 4-18

  • Provided scholarships to deserving students pursuing higher education


As we continue to blaze the trails in years to come, it’s important that we continue to reflect on where we started because our past will springboard us into our future. Sigma Phi Zeta Chapter will continue to move
forward with one goal in mind; to impact the lives of those within our communities by presenting ground-breaking programs to the Lake county area.


"Soaring to Higher Heights...

Elevating Sisterhood, Service, Scholarship and Finer Womanhood"

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