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Sigma Phi Zeta Past and Present Signature Programs

The following are past and present programs that are unique to the Sigma Phi Zeta Chapter of Waukegan.  These initiatives and programs were developed to further our presence and service to the communities we serve.  Please feel free to contact us for further information on any of the present programs listed below.  

Past Program
Lake County Zetas Connect 

The Lake County Zetas Connect is a weekly show broadcast on the Comcast Public Access Network.  This program is entirely produced, directed, and hosted by the ladies of Sigma Phi Zeta Chapter.  


Each week, we tackle topics which are relevant to our community and organization's programming. We welcome you to check us out on Wednesday evenings, channel 17.  Podcasts or video are also available on our Media page.  

      Present Program
Sigma Phi Zeta Annual Scholarship Fundraiser

Our Annual Scholarship Fundraiser seeks to provide an entertaining and celebratory event where community members can join together to raise funds for deserving young women in the Lake County community.  Funds raised from this annual event allow Sigma Phi Zeta to provide our Royal Blue Dove Scholarships and Educational Gifts.  For more information on our scholarship fundraiser and scholarships themselves please visit our Scholarship page.  

Past Program
Lake County Fair
Baby Changing & Nursing Mothers Station
New Trails Being Blazed Soon!

In partnership with the Vista Healthcare System, Sigma Phi Zeta is proud to serve in the Baby Changing and Nursing Mother's Station at the annual Lake County Fair.  


As the March of Dimes is one of our oldest National partners, it is our pleasure to serve parents at the fair, while also providing valuable information regarding the Stork's Nest and March of Dimes.

Sigma Phi Zeta is always seeking ways to improve, enlighten, and serve.  Stay tuned, we're sure our next initiatives will blow your mind.  

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